Thursday, March 14, 2013

SCAM: ACA Partners, LLC AKA The March Group

Same Scam Different names Same Scam Different Name

ACA Partners, LLC - a business advisory firm - with no major details about its origin, M&A expertise/experience claims to have you end game in mind. Do you know that ACA Partners, LLC has more than 'glowing' past earlier?
ACA Partners, LLC is the changed name of M&A upfront fee scamster The March Group. After gathering inglorious reputation over time which includes claims of being largely M&A upfront fee collection scam, The March Group has changed their name to ACA Partners, LLC with its head office located in Vienna, VA.
The idea behind the change might have come from companies like GW Equity and Equico but the idea has been polished a bit to suit today's market and conditions and hide its past as well. ACA Partners, LLC doesn't seem to be operating actively under this name but has a few sites like E Business Appraisals that are actively engaged in M&A, business appraisals, and so on. But, the ultimate idea being 'money collection' from the business owners.

I've been called many times by The March Group over the past two years asking for business owner to invite him to a business owners meeting. Its a total sales call as i heard other telemarketer's voices in the background.
- Daniel Strauss

I've received several calls from the, 'The March Group.' This gentleman has called literally hundreds of times saying its a confidential matter. Douche bag indeed...can't even pronounce my name. Needless to say, I give a damn to this telemarketer.
- Jamie Carrington

I attended The March Group seminar in the past which was not supposed to include any selling but in fact was a total sales pitch. Legitimate M&A brokers do not require advance fees and, in fact, most licensing entities prohibit the prepay of business opportunity services.
- Martin Hyde

The March Group employs seminar strategy to 'help' determine the value of your business. Primarily, that virtually every customer that pays them a retainer hopes and expects to be sold for a high price when relatively few ever sell. All they get is a little report. Which begs the question — are these “M&A firms” in the business of collecting up-front fees or selling businesses? This, in fact, is a scam. An up-front fee scam, employed by The March Group, that’s been started by the people who came from Geneva companies and/or Equico. We got this information from a source where the user has published an excerpt of the original article. Curious about the original article, that dates back to 2009, and is unavailable now, we employed a few techniques to retrieve historical data from Google cache. Hurray! we got it! What you see below is a part of the original article. Send a request by using the Contact form or email us for the original article. We would also love to share the techniques used to find historical data.
The March Group Scam

A Little Background

We are unsure about what exactly happened in the past, but by interpreting the information that we gathered, we can confirm that the above article was on the first page of Google for quite some time and has had a negative impact on The March Group's business. This post was pulled down by the site, which published it, after getting into an agreement with The March Group. (The entire story is published on The March Group's site) See the image below. We are unable to provide the link to this source below because it is no longer available (We got it from Google cache!).
The March Group Scam Now, with an objective to avoid any negative information appearing in the search results, The March Group has come up with 'Scam Prevention Program'. This has two advantages. One is to increase revenue by promoting the concept and the other is to avoid negative results from appearing in the top search results. For instance, any one searching for 'The March Group Scam' will not get relevant information and instead gets to see information on The March Group Scam Prevention Program. Try it yourself. The March Group owns dozens of websites to flood search engines with these fake positive news. It also uses few sites with good reputation to populate this content.
The strategies implemented to avoid negative publicity might work for some time, but, the good will and trust that you gain certainly lasts forever. A lot of information and people's perceptions about The March Group are provided in our Collection page. Feel free to explore M&A Advisors site

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